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Aluminum and Water Reaction, Oxygen & Acid Reactions

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Chemical ReactionsWhat is an Aluminum Reaction? Definition of a Reaction

What is an Aluminum Reaction? Definition of a Reaction
Define an Aluminum Reaction: An Aluminum Reaction involves a process in which Aluminum is mixed with another substance which react to form something else. Reactions are manifested by the disappearance of properties characteristic of Aluminum and the appearance of new properties in the new substance or Compound. The substances initially involved in a reaction are called reactants or reagents. Aluminum is a silvery white metal, that is so reactive chemically that it always occurs in compounds. An important compound of this element is aluminum sulfate which is a colourless salt obtained by the action of sulfuric acid on hydrated aluminum oxide. Reactions are described with Chemical Formula and Equations. Please note aluminum is called "Aluminium" in some countries.


Aluminum Properties
The properties of Aluminum include low density, high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, high plasticity and high resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum and Water Reaction
Aluminum reacts explosively with water but does not react with cold water. Most of the aluminum salts dissolve well in water. A strong layer of aluminium oxide coats the metal which sometimes prevents the reaction with steam to give aluminium oxide and hydrogen gas. This chloride is used as a wood preservative or catalyst.

Aluminium + Steam > Aluminium oxide + Hydrogen

Aluminum Chloride Reaction
Aluminum Chloride is a compound of aluminium and chlorine that has a very high affinity for water. Pure samples are white, but sometimes it has a yellow colour. Aluminum and chlorine do not react rapidly at room temperature, but if the aluminum is heated, the reaction is vigorous. It fumes in moist air and hisses when mixed with liquid water. The product is aluminum chloride, a white powder that fumes in air, reacting with water to form HCl gas and aluminum oxide.

Aluminum Oxide Reaction with Oxygen
Powdered Aluminum powdered burns energetically in air. During combustion of aluminum in an oxygen current, a temperature of over 3000C is reached. Strong heating is required to make aluminium powder burn in oxygen and a white powder is formed. The ability of aluminum to combine actively with oxygen is used in the reduction of metals from their oxides.

Aluminium + Oxygen > Aluminium oxide

Aluminum Reactions
Examples of Aluminum Reactions are as follows:

  • Aluminum reacts with Hydrogen to form Aluminum hydride
  • Aluminum chloride reacts with lithium hydride to form Lithium aluminum hydride
  • Aluminium reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid to form aluminium chloride and hydrogen gas
  • Chlorine and liquid bromine react with aluminum at room temperature
  • Iodine reacts with aluminum during heating
  • At high temperatures, aluminum reacts with nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur, forming aluminum nitride , carbide and sulfide
  • Aluminium reacts with dilute sulphuric acid to form aluminium sulphate and hydrogen gas
  • Aluminium reacts with dilute nitric acid to form aluminium nitrate and hydrogen gas

Chemical Reactions
Some examples of a chemical reaction include most commonly burning, fermentation, tarnishing and rusting. There are several different types of Chemical reaction which have been detailed below:

  • Substitution reactions
  • Double displacement reaction
  • Acid-base reactions
  • Combustion reaction
  • Combination reaction
  • Decomposition reaction

Refer to our Chemical Reaction article for additional facts and information providing the different types of reactions, examples of reaction and the Rate of a Chemical Reaction.


Aluminum Reaction

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Aluminum Reaction

Aluminum Reaction - Aluminum Water Reaction, Oxygen & Acid Reactions


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